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What makes a Front-end Developer a star?

Front-end developers are responsible for what’s known as “the presentation layer” of a website. They deal with the look and feel of all layout, text, icons, images, and color schemes. A wide range of skills are needed to perform as a top Front-end Developer, involving both technical and creative abilities.

A front-end developer creates web pages with HTML and CSS. Today, CSS is commonly run through a pre-processor known as SASS or LESS. With these languages, successful front-end developers tackle problems related to your website’s display.

Tools and technology in this field change regularly, so a good front-end developer must be up for the challenge. To have an effective, user-friendly web experience, you need somebody talented. As you look to hire a front-end developer, find people with these traits.

They’ve mastered JavaScript/jQuery

Front-end developers must have expert knowledge of JavaScript (JS). JS has become increasingly popular in recent years, dramatically changing the web. Why? With JS, front-end developers can write code that drives the functionality of websites, rather than just the presentation.

They’re an expert with version control (GIT)

Front-end developers that work on enterprise level projects should be comfortable using version control. Today’s industry-standard is GIT. GIT makes it possible to record every change to your website’s code. If anything breaks, a good developer can restore a previous version with a couple of commands.

They can multitask

Any good developer must focus on many aspects of a project without losing focus. Because each language is unique, keeping an eye on standards and best practices for each is critical.

They have great personal skills

Along with web mastery, it’s equally necessary that front-end developers be able to clearly communicate with their teams. They must share their ideas frequently to gain buy-in from the stakeholders. They must provide frequent examples and in many cases have a reasonable level of persuasion.

Front-end developers are critical for your customer’s user experience or UX. Their skills create seamless touchpoints for your website, apps, mobile users, and more. As the internet grows each year, here are trends that stick out for businesses and brands.

Mobile responsive design and accelerated mobile pages

With the wide proliferation of smartphones and mobile-first users, the future is responsive and optimization for fast loading pages is all important. SEO-minded companies have mobile top-of-mind to adjust to the vast migration of users moving to mobile devices.

Voice search optimization

Now that we’re all talking with our smart devices more each day, optimizing the user experience for voice is important. Google reports that 20 percent of mobile searches are now voice searches.

Motion UI and AI security

With the shrinking attention spans of your users, keeping them on your site is more important than ever. Motion UI adapts to web page interaction to better engage your audience. And with cybersecurity on everyone’s mind, AI is being used in new ways to prevent and repel threats to keep your business safe.

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