As a Contractor Resource, when and how do I get paid?

Contractors are paid on a Monthly basis on Net 30 terms. If the project is shorter than 30 days, then Net 30 following the date of invoice to the platform. Those on projects that extend beyond a month should be billing on the last day of the month and expect to be paid via Paypal within 30 days following.

For the some the transition to contracting can be challenging when going from a weekly, or bi-weekly pay cycle to monthly. Some of our members choose to engage in part-time work along side their full-time role, or have a handful of part-time roles to stagger pay dates.

If this is a particular challenge for you make your Resource Manager aware, and they will do all they can to assist you. We have helped many make the transition with comfort.

As a Developer or Technical Resource, how does the program work?

Our platform works like any other staffing company. Further detail appears on our registration form for Resources. Basically, a Resource creates a free profile with experience and skills identified, and sets their own rate. In do so they must take into consideration that the platform will add a reasonable mark-up on top. From there our Team Leads go to work matching your talents with available client requests aligned with the availability you have listed in your profile.

NOTE: It is extremely important to keep your availability current so we know what you are seeking and can locate opporunities accordingly. If you have any questions feel free to email us at service@esteemed.io”

As an Employer / Project Owner, how do I pay my Contractor?

Payments wil be made to Drupal Contractors c/o Esteemed Inc. The payment methods available are Paypal Business, Wire Transfer, and Paper Check.