Jenny L.

Jenny L.

Seattle, WA

Visual Designer

Passionate about diversity and representation in media. I'm dedicated to increasing representation in both marketing and design. My background is in social media marketing, content strategy, minimalistic design, and social analytics. I have worked with B2B, B2C, start-ups, and non-profits. EXPERIENCE: Expert/Advanced


Facebook_and_Instagram_Ads Google_Adwords Social_Media_SEO Content_&_Growth_Strategies Community_Engagement Social_Performance_Tracking_&_Reporting Facebook Instagram Twitter Tik_Tok Content_Creation_and_Strategies Digital_&_Print_Marketing_Design Adobe_Photoshop Premiere_&_Illustrator Business_Suite_&_Ads_Manager Hootsuite Later_&_Sprout_Social


40 hours


I am a citizen

Experience Level



English Proficiency: Proficient

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