Tauren D.

Tauren D.

Washington, DC

Art Director | Visual Designer

I’m a freelance who specializes in business, health, and technology. Some of my recent projects include writing facts, jokes, and Easter eggs for the Google Assistant, an artificial intelligence assistant that powers the Google Home and other Google devices. I'm also writing about health over at United Press International. My work has also appeared in TV Technology, Technical.ly, Crain Washington Business, the AARP Bulletin, Yahoo!, The New York Daily News and the Scripps Company, along with other publications. EXPERIENCE: Expert/Advanced


Adobе_Photoshop Adobe_Illustrator Adobe_InDesign AEM Drupal Sitecore Microsoft_Office_Suite Newsletter HTML CSS SEO Social_Media Web_Analytics WordPress


40 hours


I am a citizen

Experience Level



English Proficiency: Proficient

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