Welcome to the first talent bureau for Drupal experts. If you have experience developing on the front or back end of Drupal, acting as a Site Builder, or a Content or Project Manager we can help you connect with employers who have the best projects out there. We offer both onsite and remote options so just list in your profile what works best for you. Of course in many cases Employers seek someone on site and cannot find any candidates locally so may offer relocation. More often than not when contracting this can be a cost that you as the contractor shoulder or in some cases may be covered by the employer. There are also cases where developers abroad may have their Visa sponsored by a company in another country to fill a need they could otherwise not.

How it Works

By listing your profile with Drupal Contractors you expose yourself to recruiters and direct employers seeking short and long-term Drupal assistance. We act as the hub and connection point providing employers a simple index of talent, and past performance, and tools such as star ratings, background checks and free jobs postings to help them get the word out on great opportunities.



Those projects that are remote are mostly done on a 1099 basis and usually are also per project and a fixed price. The client pays us we take a small percentage for administration and pay you the agreed upon price on a Net-10 basis (within 10 days of completion).


In most cases clients want talent on-site at their location. In this case the Consultant is employed by Celebrate Drupal and works on a W-2 and is payed on the same cycle as the client payroll. We also take care of things like liability insurance and payroll taxes so you can meet all the requirements of the client to work at their location.


Keeping your profile up to date with your availability is good for everyone. We will send you period reminders and try to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your availability current.

What's on the Horizon

We have a lot we hope to achieve with this site. We will soon interweave the Drupal Project Management tool into this site offering Contractors an enhanced level of membership (think Basecamp optimized for and powered by Drupal) the opportunity to manage projects within the pages of their accounts, send invoices, and more.

Beyond that we are committed to helping our Contractors access discounts on health insurance and other key services often difficult to obtain for self employed individuals. We hope you enjoy your free membership and please if you have feedback or ideas on how we can improve.