Sabra D.

Sabra D.

Greater St. Louis, MO

UX Designer

I have been building/maintaining websites, applications and more since 2007 and have worked remotely with teams of developers as well as on solo projects for the last several years. Since 2007, my skills have greatly improved and I have become a very effective and self-motivated remote and/or on-site web developer. I pick up on new technologies quickly and keep up with current trends to better serve those in need of my skills. I would love the opportunity to discuss my previous experience with you and to share my skills to help your business. EXPERIENCE: Expert/Advanced


Social_Media Project_Management E-commerce Graphic_Design Sustainability SDLC Web_Development Front-end Website_Development Responsive_Web_Design Wireframing


40 hours


I am a citizen

Experience Level



English Proficiency: Proficient

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